Hot Tubs

Choose your bike adventure

Soak in Nature

Immerse yourself in our stunning natural surroundings in a wood-fired hot tub, aptly named ‘Spagazers’ by our youngest son and hot tub enthusiast. Each tub is positioned for your viewing pleasure, with its own unique outlook of majestic mountains, farms and valleys for as far as the eye can see. Spots are available throughout the day, for early risers and day trippers, through to sunset soakers and dark-sky stargazers.

The rustic phase

We have big plans for the future development of our hot tubs, but in the meantime we offer guests a more rustic experience of wood-fired tubs filled with your own fresh alpine water from our on-site spring. Each tub has a nearby changing area and Bambooloo composting toilet.

Feel free to drive the scenic road or ride the glorious cycleways to LandEscape with one of our e-bike packages. Alternatively, we can pick you up and return you to your local abode after your session.


Our loos are an important part of our ethos and we are currently trialling this wonderful zero-flush composting toilet from New Zealand. Eventually, these Bambooloos will allow us to turn waste into energy on site, return all nutrient to the soils of our farm and save millions of litres of flushing water each year in this water-challenged region.

We'd love your feedback as to whether you find them challenging, intriguing or inspirational, so please let us know your thoughts after trying them out.