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A major motivation for the Deaton Family in bringing LandEscape Wanaka into being is to have a vehicle to incorporate, demonstrate and, ultimately educate our visitors on the fundamentals and potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the built environment. This is an arena we have been involved in and passionate about for thirty years. In LandEscape Wanaka we finally have the opportunity, on a greenfields site, to put our deep knowledge of those concepts, technologies, systems and practices into real world use.

For those interested in what has now generally become known as “sustainability” there will be much of value for you at LandEscape Wanaka. The following drawings give some initial insight as what is to come in this respect. You will see terms like “Combined Heat and Power Micro Grid”, “Temperature Stratified Thermal Energy Buffer Tank”, “Building Physics” and “Wood Gasification Boiler”. Eventually these concepts will be explained in depth on the website and demonstrated in a working setting on site.

8 x hot tubs landscape plans.pdf

Explanatory Drawing – 2020-01-Ride centre services plan.pdf

Explanatory Dwgs – Hot Tub Pipework Schematics & 3D views.pdf

how the Restaurant works in 3d.pdf

LandEscape Masterplan v2.pdf

LeS Cycle Trails.pdf

Wanaka Overall Phase Two Resource Consent 01-V6-2019-07-05.pdf